taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2019-06-08 04:08:17 (UTC)


blasted my brain in half. but it was a psychedelics night so, maybe I'm overstating things. regardless, my interpretation was favourable. full body engagement. and fucking terrifyingly accurate about how algorithm'd to fucking death we are. i couldn't stop thinking about how thjS episode was designed, in a netflix lab somewhere in the middle of the desert, to elicit the exact reaction I was having to it. the medium is the message and shit.

side bar: this was by far my best/most productive "trip". personal bests in empathy levels and self actualization achieved. also, I might be in love with parm. and the entire super depression group. each week it feels like we get closer and more tight knit. I've dropped so many of my goddamn walls for them. and it feels good. really good. and parm breaks my heart. she's incredible. inspiration porn be damned, she inspires me. also, she was looking damn fine today. she did a new thing with her hair, curls. it looked cute. And she showed me pictures of her yorkie rocco.

fucking fuck. /fuck

still kinda high tbh ✌️

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