wet blanket
2019-06-06 11:22:42 (UTC)


My sister is my best friend. She is my blood, heart and soul.

Zoe knows me like no one else ever will. She has loved me , fought me, lived with me, laughed with me (endlessly), tried with me, supported me and understood me.
Zoe is my biggest support frame. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her. I have never seen a sibling have a relationship like we have. Instead of the typical love/hate sibling relationship most siblings have we have made it so bountiful for each other. Not without it's ups and downs but without those downs I would never have realised what life would be like without her. It makes me so much more grateful for the incredible sister that I have.
Not a day goes by that i'm not incredibly grateful for her. Now if I ever feel like snapping at her or getting angry about something that is usually irrelevant I do something that I hardly do for anyone else - I take a step back and think "Is this worth fighting with her for?". I don't want to fight with Zoe not only because she's crazy but because I don't think I could cope a day without talking to her.
I know my mum lost her sister to cancer and every day that I grow older I feel a sadness for her that I can't describe. I was too young to know what her relationship with Katrina was like but if it was even close to what I have with zoe I can't even imagine the pain and loss she would have gone through. If something terrible happened to zoe I wouldn't even feel like half of me had been torn away: I'd feel like most of me had.
I see it in people's faces when they're around us. People love being around zoe and I when we're together. I'm not being arrogant I've heard it from so many people. They just soak in our amazing vibes we get together. I understand because I do it too, as soon as I'm with Zoe I feel okay - and not just okay but happy and able to laugh at anything.
I just needed to write it down because sometimes when you love and appreciate something so much you get scared it's going to get ripped away from you.. or is that just me?
I love you Zoe and I know I don't say it much but I do know that I show it every day and I know you see that.