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2019-06-05 21:02:34 (UTC)

Productive day

Worked hard. Played hard at the gym. I had a meeting with HR regarding my future surgery and what to do with FMLA and SDI. I got to know it a little more now. FMLA does not pay you anything. It just ensures the company keeps your position while you are out. ETA about 2-3 months. Also, SDI and how to complete that. That is the important stuff. This is how I get paid. So I've been paying into SDI every paycheck. Now I will use it. What it does is that it pays your pay at around 80-90% while I'm out. It won't use your sick leave so that's good. One little bright thing in this mess I'm in. I can then use my sick leave to make up the missing 10-20% that I'll be paid less. So... One less thing to worry about. Only catch? Even though I will schedule my surgery date, I can turn in the paperwork until the day after my surgery. haha. WTF is that? While I'm in bed at the hospital barely awake? Silly procedures. I'll have my Sister or my HR login to my profile and fill it out if I have to.

I still have paperwork to do. I ned to change my life insurance beneficiaries to someone else. It's still under my ex wife's name. Screw that. My friend will have it. She knows where to distribute it out. Just in case I croak. Also, I should have a living trust done too. May as well. I'm mortal after all. haha.

I'll put a hold on my membership at my gym. Dr. is going to give me a not for that. Told my roomie's Sister already that if I don't survive this surgery, her Sister (my roomie) will of course have to move.

Like is said in a previous post, I asked my ex wife if I could see the kids before my surgery. No answer of course. Fucking bee-watch!!!But I know it was stupid to ask when you deal with a Narcissist. Whatever....

I need to put or cancel a few subscriptions too for a little while. I belong to 3 wineries. That gotta go for now. I also have to cancel my monthly auto car wash . I belong to a shaving club and I have more than enough blades for now. Trim down my cable service and shave some of the channels off.

Thank goodness I have great friends. They go above and beyond to help me out. I don't know what I did to deserve them.