I do this to myself. I think...
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2019-06-06 01:40:12 (UTC)

Curious George

My titles can be so random. They're usually to do with something I see, or hear, or I'm doing at that moment.
Today wasn't as successful as I was hoping. But totally could have been worse. Over the weekend we went up to visit a friend of mine. The kids, myself and him. It was really nice. It's so quiet and peaceful and a small population. Nothing like these areas. We are hoping to go up again this weekend. I don't know though. There is a lot around this place that I could be doing.. It needs a good cleaning. Also, I need to find a job. I hate being broke and having him stressing about money and me not being able to help. I always seem to write in these late at night. I really don't feel like saying much more, but maybe tomorrow I'll go back over the week I had.