Do Not Disturb

2019-06-05 15:11:07 (UTC)

I’m not ok

Me still trying to pay off this cruise was gonna be harder than I thought. I only have two weeks left before I go. My mom asked for $80 and to what spend it all on the casino and she eventually came back with nothing. I should’ve said no. I wanted to say no. But I just couldn’t somehow. She even promised that she will “ pay me back”.

Also the only reason my boyfriend hasn’t been talking to me much lately is because something about me assuming things and repeating things that has already been once said.! I do not do that.

Do I ???

We text. That’s about it. I love him. He still loves me. Otherwise, why wouldn’t he help me pay for this cruise.

Why would he be in a relationship with me???

I got off at ten yesterday. I’m off today and tomorrow. They tried getting me to stay till 11 but I refused but because it was only 4 of us working. . My manager offered to give me a ride home but I passed on her offer. Then they have a decency to get mad for a decision that is mine to make. I honestly didn’t give a fuck because at the end of the day it was money that I was making but at the same time I did.

Okay, I’m gonna try and go back to sleep now if, I can.

- A

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