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2019-06-05 11:06:47 (UTC)

Not Hung Over (:

I and my friends had a game night last night, and it was fun. I planned on getting drunk, however, one of my other friends told me that she saw my "friends with benefits" with his girlfriend getting out of the car. Now if I had this blog for longer you would be able to know all the bullshit that has went down with this "friends with benefits", but needless to say a little strike of pain went through my chest and I proceeded to take another shot like I was unfazed by the tomfoolery that my friend told me. I really shouldn't care that he's with another girl, because that's not my man but seeing as though we just fucked the night before... I was definitely upset. I woke up wanting to text his friend that is becoming my friend as well and the thought of fucking him came to mind too... but I realized I wouldn't be able to do that.

I personally wish I was a boy.. and be able to fuck some girls, but unfortunately, I was born with a vagina and forced to get played by these neegras.

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