Submissive Thoughts
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2019-06-04 00:00:00 (UTC)


I am so worried right now. I am going to tell The big Kahuna the facts of the aftermath of my split from my husband in regards to finances. I would not ever reveal this so early normally. However, in the spirit of total honesty and being as I am going to be facing some things head on this week it is not fair to him not to share. I am praying it does not drive him away. He has a thing about honesty like we all do. I fear he could potentially see this as me being dishonest by not sharing earlier. It was not me being dishonest, but, more of a very personal issue I am still struggling with accepting. In fact, I have not even shared with my closest friends because I am embarrassed. Therefore, I am taking a huge leap in trusting him with the struggle and with the knowledge.

I know my mood will be affected in the coming days as I stress over the results of my upcoming meeting. I am hoping with daddy’s support that it will be easier. It scares me to be this open but I also know it is necessary.

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