Scream Above the Sounds
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2019-06-03 21:21:47 (UTC)


I have my exams this week. My first one is tomorrow and then the other is on Friday, I'm feeling pretty confident, I've had A's in everything so far. Lets hope I can keep this trend going.

I don't imagine this to be a long entry because I've been trying to sleep since about 4pm. I feel quite ill, I can feel a headache and a cold coming on. It just had to be now, didn't it? I don't feel nervous or anything, maybe a little overconfident if anything. I'm more nervous about travel and timing and stuff like that, I don't want to be late. I want to be as comfortable as I can, as quick as I can. I'm pretty excited to get these exams out of the way but I'm also reminded that we're in June already, like..shit!

The year is going so fast, before I know it I'll be back there in September and studying the next course; which is hugely exciting of course, but time really does wait for nobody. I hope I can meet some new people in September. I'm going to a few open days in July to look at some universities, I'd like to stay local if I can but part of me does feel like I need to embrace in-dependency and just be free somewhere else. It wont' happen, but it's nice to dream. My mother would never forgive me if I decided to go and study somewhere else.

The thought of packing everything up and going somewhere else where nobody knows my name sounds so appealing though.