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2019-06-02 22:00:49 (UTC)

Not the most productive weekend

I tried to drop off a package at UPS but they are closed on Sundays. Never deposited my whopping 63 dollar check fro jury service. Didn't get a hair cut. I did manage to show a guy my motorcycle and the accessories. He may be interested in buying it. I may as well sell it. I rarely ride it and when I get my neck thing done, I doubt I'll ride it even more then.

Too bad. It was and still is a beautiful bike. I always got complements on it. But I may as well purge my shit. My landlord isn't in good health and he may end up selling the place. I really don't want a lot of crap anymore. This is one of the big ass stuff I have and don't need anymore. Here is a pic of it :)