Do Not Disturb

UnDiscovered Girl
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2019-06-01 01:06:30 (UTC)

What’s the point???

What’s the point of being at a job if they won’t let you do shit ???

They put me on the cash register today not knowing if I’m short or not. I get off at 10. Thank goodness because their are certain people I don’t wanna see.

I officially can’t stand Mike M.

I tried doing the fry station today and he just took over ( like he normally do). He looked at me like he was mad and for what I should be mad at him and I am mad... At him. He tried talking to me but only when it comes to job related thing. I ask him politely to not talk to me. Because I’m just not in the mood for such thing.

Their are a lot of people that I can’t stand at this job. Like that girl Bri or as they call her Big Redd bc she’s big and she’s red. Not trying to be rude or anything. But it’s the truth. She always have something about me or towards me like she has a problem with me. I don’t know why I’d even care.

I work again tomorrow and I’m off Monday and I get paid.

What more could be better ???

I was suppose to be at a get together right now at OUR house but instead I’m working. But all I’m just worried about is getting that check.

- A