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Lady Georgina Kenway

Georgina Kenway (nee Monro)

Is the daughter of George Monro and Lady Margery Spencer. She is also the thrid out of five children. She grew up in London England of her Childhood home of Spencer Hall in London England. During the summer holidays The family would retreate to Althorpe Manor in Northhamptionshire England. Her parents were are both from Prominte Noble families in the Kingdom England. Her family are also prominte members of the English, Scotish and Irish military.
Georgina is an English and Early American Socialite, Politian, Political Organizer, Fashion icon, author,Newspaper columinst, Librarian, artist, activist for womans rights with a very bold Feminst ideals, she joined the Templar Rite of Britian in 1744, and was the co-founder of the Colonial Templar Rite with her Husband Haytham in 1754.

Georgina was the first and only wife of Haytham E. Kenway. They weded at the Templar church in Scotland Roslyn Church on the 21st December 1742, in their 37 year marriage they had seven children two boys George and Haytham, and five girls between the years of 1743- 1760. In 1779 She was murdered for her coexistant ideologies of the New World were Native Americans and the Colonialist could live together in the utmost harmony, she died on 19.November. 1779 From a intracranial aneurysm, (which means she died from internal bleeding) In Boston Massachusetts where she was cremated and then laid to rest in the Kenway family Crypt in London England on 27th August 1780.

Biographical Information,

Full Name Georgina Cassandra Kenway

Alias' Georgie, Gigi, Gina, Gia,
Little Bird, Dove, Little Cardnail, Little Raven,
Minx, Sly little Eagle, my little Temptrance,
Wild English fire, Wild English rose,
Templar Bitch, Templar whore,
Red coat whore.

Gender : Female,

Height 5 Ft 6in, Weight 162 LB (mostly muscle mass)

Religon Angelican

Born 25. December 1725
Spencer Hall, St James London England,
Death 19.November 1779
The Kenway Manison, Chustnut Hill MA (Age 51)

Hometown St. James, London, Kingom England

Current Residence, Boston Provanice of Massachusetts, British America

Prior Residence

Albany New York, British America ~ ~ ~ Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE

New York City, British America ~ ~ ~ ~ Prauge , Kingdom of Bohemia

Southeast Germany ~ ~ ~
The Dutch Republic

Family and Relatives

Father: George Monro 1700-1757 (56)

Mother Margery Monro (nee Spencer) 1700-1736 (35)


Cora 1719

Alice 1722-1757

Sarah 1731

Anne 1736

Godfater : Sir William Johnson

Spouse Haytham Kenway 1725-1781 (55 years old)


Genral Admirl George Kenway 1743

Charlotte Kenway 1745

Margery Rose Kenway 1746

Gracie Anne Kenway 1748

Haytham Edward Kenway 1751

Bernadette Alice Kenway 1755

Violet Kenway 1760

Author, activist, scholor, Librarian, Templar, Politian, Political Oraganizer and Artist

Riding Horses, Exploring the Outdoors, being out in nature, the art of killing, Helping the Templars, Killing those who ought to do harm to her friends, family and the Templar cause.
Torturing those who betrayed the templar cause and most of all Assassin's, Sparing with Haytham and training her Children.

Dislikes : Domestic household roles, such ass; Dancing, needlework, cooking, and being inside and doing lady like duties.

Crimes: Murder and Torture

Master Templar
Countess of Sunderland
Lady of Sunderland
My ladyship
Lady Kenway

Goals: Further the goals of the Templar Rite of Colonial British America, Find the Grand Temple, Free the colonies of the Tryanny of King George III and Transform the Colonies of British America into a new nation that is govered by Templars.

Personality and Background Information:

As a Child she was what in the 21st Century standards what would be conisidered a tomboy, and she was ahead of her time. As a very young girl she was adventours, spunky, brave, She is fircly independet she was more active than most girls of the 18th century which was looked down upon and she really didn't give a fuck. She was very vexed and vocal about the lack of freedoms girls and women had during the eighteenth century. After her mother died, her father and Godfather encouraged her to be different, to the point for her ninth birthday Sir William Johnson had given her a custom made french Rapier, which she later named Waltz Killer. She named it after what she loathed the most. Dancing. She met Haytham when she was just eight or nine years old. She was his only Chilhood friend due too the his family was, and the dishonour his father Edward brought to the Kenway name due to being a Vile disaluted Pirate.

As Georgina grows from a young reckless tomboyish girl into womanhood she grows into a firce young woman who does not give a fuck about gender roles, virtues, class and the exceptations of her sisters. She has said from 1765 until 1776 “Fuck King George” on more than one occassion, she keeps a journal just like her husband, due to lack of socialization when she was younger, and She has a personal hit list of those who have done her wrong. She does not forgive nor forgive. She is the one who is the Judge of those lives.

Thanks to her Father's esteem milatary background her abilies are vast and unlike any other womans of the 18th Century Early America. She was taught by her Father and Godfather since the Princess Amelia dismissed her from her bed chamber she served the princess from 1739 until 1740 when the princess dismissed Georgina because she was not lady like and she acted more or less like a untamed wild beast.

When her mother died in 1736 Lt.Col Monro start to train her, when she went on to serve the Princess of England she went on a small hitius when she arrived at the court of Hanover in Germany.

When she was dismissed she returned to England one month later in 1740, she started to train with her father, God Father and her friend Haytham, who was now Lord Spencer's ward who taught her various new skills. Eagle Vision, Marksmanship, and trained her high pain tolerance as well as push, dadge, Haytham was so confident in her skills He reckoned she could single handed could assassinate a Giant. Because if it was one thing that her training taughter her it was SIZE DID NOT MATTER IN BATTLE! Because in Battle it's like a chess match, every move must be calulated for the winning side too be the victor.

The following next two years her father, Godfather, and Even Haytham traine her in Athleticism, Scwordmanship, skills to be one of the most feared interrogators in England, Europe and eventually in the coloines. She trained endless and long hours to be strong, and to devlope strength of an Eagle, she continued her stength and endurance training, to be as stronge as Haytham. Due to her love of horses when she was a girl, by this time she was a master of horseback riding, and she was taught by her uncle Lord John Spencer, that she should use her beauty to her advantage and she did such as that, and with that skill she also used her beauty as a key to her manliplation skills.

From 1740- 1744 she started to train to become a templar, her now life goal was to become inducted into the British Templar rite, and her training now included how to become resistanct and that pain was body over mind and in December 1744 Haytham and Georgina offically was invited to become Templar's of the British Order, They took their vows to being Templar's from this day foward until their last breath, and they recived the highest honour of reciving their Templar rings.

The Templars thought she'd be a good addition to the British rite because she had a sweet face, but has conscious of a ruthless killer, and her stealth skills were undedictable, and thanks too her zen training with her husband she is resistant too pain. When she was on a mission in Liverpool UK in Summer of 1752, she was badly wonded by notrious member of the British Brotherhood. Stabbed and shot. But she still kept going, she haunted him like fox haunt, she went completely and utterly rouge on Gideon she dives into the river, where then she hides up on a willow tree she waited for Gideon in a tree stalking the assassin waiting for the perfect moment to air assassinate him with her hidden blade. She did all this while bleeding out. But she was not going to allow this Brotherhood Asshole to escape soon afterwheres she faints and her newlyweded husband patches her up from her battle wounds which she called “Flesh wounds” with a weak giggle.

1754 Two years later....
Georgina and Haytham was on an assingment in London UK, to attened a musical The Beggar's Opera by John Gay.Un the Theatre Royal in London to find and obtain the “percursor” artifcat from the attentding patron and member of the Assassin Order Her husband assassinated this person They fled the opera house and met with Grandmaster and Masters of the British Templar Rite.

They were Charted a passage To Boston aboard the Providence as the Order's representative and were instucted to located a suspected first civilzation store house.

72 days later Haytham and Georgina reached Boston and were met with a potional new recruit Charles Lee, who gave them a short tour of the city, where they met Benjamin Franklin, and they also met her Godfather William Johnson at the Green Dragon Tavern.

Where now, Haytham effectively was the Grand Master of the Templar Order in the newest Templar Rite of the colonies.

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