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2019-06-01 01:35:48 (UTC)


Finally!!! I hit 154 lbs. Time for a fun weekend. I hit a record 162 last week. Sure is nice to break 155 again albeit for just a little while. That'll work for me :) My gym is closed on Friday nights for May so I went to the other gym in Folsom City. I like it there. Not too busy. Maybe a dozen peeps in class on average. They do have air conditioning so that feels so much better to me. And I run circles around everyone there. They aren't hard core like the gym I usually go to.

Got home, showered, and cooked dinner. Tonight, it was salmon and broccoli. A little bit of garlic salt sprinkled on the veggies and lemon juice on my salmon cooked via a hot air fryer.

Tomorrow's gym class is only at 8AM or 10:30AM. I don't like going too late in the morning because I have a busy day of errands to do. Need to drop off a package at UPS. Wash and wax my truck. Was also thinking about dong a refi on my truck to see if I can get a better rate. I also have a small itty bitty check for jury duty. I think it was around 60 bucks :)

I think tomorrow, or actually it's late now so tonight, my friends and I are going to the drive inn to watch a movie. I sure there will be a designated driver and the rest of us will be drinking. My weight is good so I can get a little messed up :) All this is of course just bull crap talk. Who knows what I'll actually get done? But it's a Saturday so how bad can it be?

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