Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-05-30 19:01:46 (UTC)

Somebody’s Panties

The reason why I made the last entry was only because a friend of mine woke up and he found a random pair of panties in his room. He was asking me some stuff and I told him that they are sacred, that he was simply blessed this day. He’s like, “no this is horrible I shouldn’t have these!” Look... whether this was mistake or a gift, they are yours now. I suggest wearing them and taking picture.... yeah he didn’t give in to wearing them but it sure as hell would have been cute to see a guy do that. He suspects it to be his brothers gf I think? “She has a thicc build so these panties might be hers” is all we're working off of... how awkward would it be if those were left there for someone else and she’s like “how did you like the gift” and they are all confused because they got nothing.

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