Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-05-29 21:46:50 (UTC)

Panties Are Sacred

The sacred item that I’d unknown to man yet known very well, one does not simply throw away the pair. If you find panties in your room it wasn’t a mistake, it was a gift. Perhaps even a blessing. The panties are yours now until you decide what to do with them. Never under any circumstance should you seek out the girl who gifted this item upon you and give them back. You keep them, hold onto them with pride but don’t give yourself away, mustn’t draw attention that you have these. Panties are sacred and you should value them, don’t return and don’t throw away. If nobody is around you and you have panties, you are much welcome to wear them to your leisure.
I’m not joking about any of this by the way, please don’t ever return them, you have no idea what sort of embarrassment you would cause here. Wearing them is cute though, although most women wouldn’t want to know what you did with them. So by all means, keep the sacred panties as they are yours now.