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2019-05-29 18:27:24 (UTC)

Great day at the gym!!

I don't know where it came from but I kicked butt at the gym today. Went early. My class starts at 4:30PM. got there at 4PM and started jump roping and doing some stretches. Finished my 1 hr class and decided to stay longer. So I jump roped for another hr. I stopped for a little while to do some stationary bike just to do something different but most of it was jump roping. Before I know it, it was 6:30. So I got to see my class, then next class, and the class after that today :)

I'll weigh myself in the morning to see the results. I drank almost a gallon of water. I sweat like a pig!!! I stopped using a towel though. My eyes used to burn from the sweat going down my face but now I use a headband. It's really a face cover but you can bundle it up and use it like a head band. I wore it as a gag once but it turned out to be great!! Now I use it every time.

I ate good today. Protein shake for breakfast. Chicken and broccoli for lunch. Dinner will be broccoli and either chicken or salmon. Not sure yet. I'm sure some wine will be involved. it just relaxes me after a busy day or work and play :)

My mood today? Not sure. When I'm busy, I'm ok. When I let my mind wonder around and my ego kicks in, I guess it sort of sucks. But that's my daily battle and I'm a fighter so I say bring it ego!! I can take you on!! One day. maybe one day in the future, my life will be a little better. Maybe then I'll have someone cool to share my life with and keep up with me. Today isn't that day but I'm ok with it. Life comes to us with peaks and valleys. I know and I'm ok with this.