Do Not Disturb

2019-05-29 05:20:39 (UTC)

Are we ok?

Talked to bae today but instead we texted... Over snap. It’s not that theirs something wrong with that.

It’s just I’ve been wanting to call him lately but he never answers... Instead he just texts.

I just can’t wait to go on this cruise that I wanna go on oh so bad. So I can see him. But 6 days isn’t enough for me. 6 days he says. He did tell me how he’s trying to get himself together for the both of us. I want us to better ourselves together. As a couple that we are.

I saw this really cute one pice bathing suit that I really liked at Wal Mart that really suits me. Black is the color. See what I did their.

JT was also saying how desperate and crazy I’ve been just because I’ve been wanting to get on the phone but because he haven’t been answering his calls like he’s suppose too. Well, excuse me if, I wanna hear your voice every day.

He “ accidentally” called me on his break I was gonna pick up but it looked like he didn’t wanna talk... Just text.

I don’t get it. We use to do it all the time when we started dating. Now he’s a texter...???

We haven’t been on the phone for days now. Only once and that was when he wasn’t “busy “. And I hate it. We’re still together. We’re still fine.

He just doesn’t understand how much I’ve been missing him and I don’t know why he doesn’t wanna get on the phone with me anymore like we use too.

I get it if, he’s busy and all but what about the days when he’s not. It makes me sad just writing about it and every time that I even mention about getting on the phone with him he doesn’t wanna know about how I feel because he rather just text.

And he have the nerve to say I’m crazy even if I’m on my period.

- A