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2019-05-28 18:57:21 (UTC)

Yesterday's BBQ

We had a bbq at my friends place yesterday. So I really fucked up my diet and the gym wasn't open in the afternoons. The last time I worked out was last Thursday. First day back at the gym was today. So from 155, I'm now a whopping 162 lbs. 7 freaking pounds. haha. It was fun and really enjoyed my weekend though. Now I have to pay the price and work out really hard this week.

I'm liking my shoulders. It's starting to have some lumps which some peeps may call muscles. :) Lol. Gym was tough today but I still kicked butt. My B game is still better than most other's A game. My superstar friend was with my group. She paced me pretty good during the sprints. I know she got more speed than that and normally I could keep up but she knew I was not at the gym since last Thursday.

Nothing can stop me. Not even a little neck surgery. I got this. :) Tomorrow will be a better day at the gym. I'll get my second wind and perhaps I won't be as fat as I was today at 162.

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