Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-05-27 00:36:59 (UTC)

I Eat To Much

4:30pm, dad isn’t home. I figure I must make my own food...
4:45pm I’m eat a big plate of microwave nachos
5:00pm I’m still uncomfortably hungry I make myself a grilled ham sandwich
5:20pm dad and uncle scot (who In fact isn’t my uncle but a close friend) come home with steak
6:00pm the stake is made and I eat it because I didn’t tell them I already ate
All throughout these hours I’m eating corn chips then afterwards a couple handfuls of peanuts here and there
11:30pm dad sees Nathan(my brother) sitting at the table, all he ate to day was a serving of steak 5 hours ago
11:50pm we end up going to whataburger and order chicken because they are like one of the few places that are still open at midnight and sells chicken.
12:15am I eat a big chicken sandwich with some fries
12:30am I write all of this down while thinking of stuff to eat

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