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2019-05-26 22:28:35 (UTC)

Double dipping

My friends wanted and so we went out again to go wine tasting. This time, we went to Clarksburg wineries. My friend is a wine club member at one of them and I am a member at another one. It was a little wet today. Some rain but not bad. We still had fun. There was some event out at Bogle so we got to taste all the tasty treats they had out for us.

There were some cuties working there and they were very nice. A few customers were also wearing some nice summer dresses so there were some eye candy to be had. Time went by so fast with my friends. Before we knew it, it was time to go.

After that,, we went to my place for pizza, chicken, and stuffed cheesy bread. Hung out at the backyard. My hammock is a hit. Everyone has fun on it.We're like kids on that thing. It's a double hammock so two people can lay on it. Don't know how but no one got hurt. We were stacking it with two people and someone is always swinging them around.

We have a freaking plethora of wine in my garage now. We keep all the wine bought at my place and we open it when my friends are here. For my personal drinking, I just buy from Costco or Trader Joes and drink that instead of this expensive wine. It's midnight now and I realize the weekend went by so fast. I'm off tomorrow as most people are for Memorial day.

I'm feeling better about my neck situation. I'm getting a second opinion and if it's the same suggestion, I'll go ahead and just get my surgery done. I'm ok with it now. I have my second wind on life I guess and it take a lot for me to just lay down and die. And should it happen, I'm ok with that too.