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2019-05-26 00:31:21 (UTC)

A good day

My fiends and I went wine tasting today. It was perfect. Not sure why but not too many peeps went wine tasting today. So we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. All three wineries had our full attention pretty much. We weren't squished like sardines. So freaking nice and so relaxing today.

Small drama from my ex wife texts but she's an idiot so I just brush her shit off After the wineries, we went to my place to kick back, relax, and I made dinner. Well, sort of. I had 5 steaks and put it in a smoker. Then grilled it for a nice sear. I must've laid on my hammock because I saw a pic of it on facebook. Note to self. Don't post stuff when you're drunk :)

Still. It was a great day. I'm in such a good mood now. I feel rejuvenated and I can take on the world again :)