I do this to myself. I think...
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2019-05-24 23:11:14 (UTC)


I just got my new laptop all set up. I'm actually super excited. My boy helped me get all the things figured out.. he's the tech savvy one in this relationship. I'm so excited. It's a 2-in-1. Which means that the keyboard is perfect for emails and typing here in my..."diary". And the tablet part is great for the games I like to play. It's not brand new, but pretty new. It was wiped before we purchased it. me, it's new. I don't think I've actually ever had a laptop. Not of my own. I'm beyond excited.
It's going on night 3 of no baby. My mom insisted on keeping her. Which is nice for me. Tonight, hopefully we get to have adult time. It's been a bit. He was in bed, just about asleep by the time I got here. And the night before.. I honestly can't remember what we did. But it wasn't anything exciting. Oh...I made dinner and we ate and drank and he was in a mood. So, we went to bed.
I slept by myself for most of the night. It was nice. I missed him next to me, but it was nice to have a whole entire bed to myself for a bit. He was asleep in the king size bed, and I was in the queen. I woke up to him, at some point, climbing into bed with me. It was actually nice.
So here I am. Typing on my new laptop, and my guy is on his xbox playing Halo 5 that I bought him for his birthday, talking to a buddy from work. And... of course... we are having a couple drinks. We tried really hard not to drink for a while, but some nights it's just so nice to relax and feel the warmth that the alcohol brings. The feeling of relaxation. Mmmm... it's like the feeling after a really good orgasm. Relaxed. Kinda tired. And hungry! haha. And I'd love to snuggle.
I made a pretty good casserole for dinner tonight. It was supposed to be Just a chicken breast with cheesy broccoli, but I decided to combine it all together. And it came out fantastic.
Adult time is on point tonight.
Tomorrow, when I'm probably not feeling as good, I think maybe I'll dive a bit deeper into some of the issues that have been going on. Tonight...tonight I don't want to ruin the good feelings we are both feeling by digging up the negativity.
For now, I bid you all farewell.. Until later. Maybe. If I decide to update. About whether out adult time turned into sexy time or not. And believe me, if there's no sexy time, you'll be reading about it maybe not tonight, but definitely tomorrow.