don't let me down
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2019-05-24 00:02:38 (UTC)

got obsessed with him....

So today was kinda sad and happy my cousin gave me 20 bucks and i got starbucks for the morning i was so fun and i went to school and then my friends were all mad at me bcz i did not talk to her and i sow my ex and i was like i need ur help and he said yeah what's wrong i told him if he can help me talk to her and he said sure we were going to talk to her but he got distracted and i got jealous bcz he was with my best girl and they gave their hand when she is dating izaya and i know i should not be joelse but its hard bcz he hurted me so bad and i cached a lot of feeling for him again but all i know he did alot to me and he don't deserve me but oh well and my bf got in trouble and did got to see him and man he was wearing the sweatshirt i was wearing and before he weared it i lowkey but a lot of my perfume i miss his hugs his words his smell and a lot of things i don't know how to feel like we only have 3 or 4 days of school well i just hope u guys good luck and and a happy day just know that everyone is loved in many ways and just know if love still don't come just be patient