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2019-05-22 23:06:57 (UTC)

Getting input from other peeps that had spinal surgery

I have a friend that had spinal surgery on her back. She has rods going up her back. Yipes!!!! She said she had them when she was 16. Then when she grew, her body of course changed and they had to operate on her again at 21. Double yipes!!! I have something similar that'll happen to me. But it'll be on my neck. Two rods on my neck. She has two big ass rods on her back. She says she can't twist her back. Of course she can't with two rods on her back. But she lives a pretty good life. She kayaks, hikes, camps, goes wine tasting, etc, etc. I know because I go with her.

So I guess my little neck issue although it's scary is not as bad. If her whole back is jacked up, my little neck issue in nothing compared to hers. I'm still getting a second opinion though. I'm not liking my doctor much. I at least should speak to another specialist if there is one.

I told my friend about feeling like crap and that my ex gf dumped me just in time. My friend reminded me that it don't matter. She was not good for me anyway and I would not have a truck right now sitting in my garage if I was still with her. That part is trued. My ex gf not being right for me I guess is also true. I just didn't want to sound like sour grapes is all.

Funny how life can show you things. Even when it's bad and scary stuff. Hmmm. Right now, I have to admit that I'm feeling mortal. I mean who thinks about their death really? We all think we will live forever. Well, not so much me now. I see life as a little cloudier and a little hazier. What meant a lot before doesn't mean so much to me at the moment. My truck? Yeah.. it's cool but even that truck that I've been loving and playing with seem so meaningless right now.

What does mean a lot to me? My kiddos. I wish I had time to spend with them. But I know that my ex wife won't let me see them. I even asked her and explained the situation but she ghosted me. I expected that. So that's the only thing that I'm bummed out about right now. Hmmm.

That's all I got for now. I probably won't sleep for awhile. Got too much shit on my mind.