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2019-05-22 13:42:31 (UTC)

Friends came over

Friends came over today. I'm glad. Makes me feel better. I needed a pick me up. Don't know why they like me but they do and I'm not going to wonder why. I'm just grateful for great friends. My friend also came over to check out my outdoor floodlight. It comes on at night and it's not coming on. I checked the circuit breaker, replaced the 25 dollar bulb, checked to make sure voltage is coming in but no go.

My friend found out the photo sensor is bad. It goes on at night and it's a twist off replaceable thing. I was just too short to see the part. It's above the housing and I didn't see it even on a ladder.. I ordered the part. 8 bucks from Amazon and it's coming this Friday. One less thing to worry about.

Surprisingly, work is doing pretty good. I'm getting a lot of stuff done. Project after project is getting completed. I am a badass sometimes.

Gym was good too. We had AMRAP today and I kicked butt. I feel time is limited so I have to enjoy the moment while I can before I go under the knife.

Guess what? I told my ex wife about my upcoming surgery. I asked if I could see the kids for a weekend while I'm in one piece. i know she's a bitch but I figure if I don't ask, I'll never know. So I did ask. And yup, no matter. She answered some little questions but when I asked just to see the kids for the weekend, she ghosted me. Just as I thought she would. Fuck her. I hope Karma gets her. Freaking evil bitch!!

Never saw Sarah at the gym again. So yeah, I get it. If she wanted to see me, she would've found me. So I see she isn't interested. That's cool. Good to know. One less thing to stress about. One day. One day I'll find that special someone. Today isn't that day. ...

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