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18 ) A Day In The Life Of A Stud
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2019-05-23 01:36:24 (UTC)

Hot Blonde in Vegas

Last night as I was strolling through the casino I run across a little place in the corner with a live band. Standing on the edge of the dance foot was a very attractive 55 lady. Thin sleek made well. She goes over and sits alone after watching for a while I get the waitress to take her a drink. Waitress points me out to her abs she waves me over to join her. One slow dance and we were out of there. After talking fir a few hours we end up in her rooom. Clothes thrown all over the floor many things happened but she ended up naked leaning against the full glass window overlooking the new strip. I drop to my knees and first eat her hot wet pussy from behind. Rimming her ass a couple of times before standing up and taking her from behind. Deep firm thrusts. She moans and squirms until she cums twice. And collapses to her knees from being so weak kneed she turns around And tells me to cum on her face. My first load blows by her face hitting the window behind her. She then takes 6 shots from chin to forehead and turns around and licks my jizz off the window with her tongue. I stayed 4 more hours all cuddled up before o left for my room.

Hope we can time being in Vegas again at the sane time. BTW we both are married. Not to each other.

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