don't let me down
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2019-05-22 23:06:36 (UTC)


i feel like everything i do is wrong and i don't wanna let go of the person i truly loved and just seeing your memories and it just brings me down so bad and i try not listen to my heart but it so hard and i hate him and i love him i dont miss u and i do but so many things go on in my head its just like fr and my bf today got in trouble and im like fr like if ur just going to do this to me its fine but i wont keep it up i know i get in trouble but like understand that we need to spend time together and i'm just like fr and today my ex made my best friend cry and i told him why did you make her cry he said that he told her that he wants the best for her and that he imagine how happy he could make her and just made her cry and i was like there might be a lot of things in ur mind but think before u speak bcz with one word u can hurt someone how u did to me and i know e made mistakes both of use and he just look at me with those eyes and i told him that i don't want to fall again u know that and my best friend is still mad at me but what can i say i mean its her now when she gets mad at me and dont talk to me i dont be like i wanna fight you and i hate you or put people against her but i know i blowed up on her but bcz she made me and i was like i dont give a fuck anymore i give up all u made me feel is bad about myself you made me feel like i was drowning myself ¨Every Thought is a battle every breath is a war and i dont think im winning anymore "i just hope u guys have a better day then i have but just have an amazing day and enjoy life