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2019-05-22 13:28:05 (UTC)

Journal: Little Stresses

I woke this morning, as I have nearly every morning... with the rising of the sun and the gentle patter of my dogs paws moving toward the bed as he quietly asks to go for his morning walk. The big difference today was that I had to bring my son to my mother-in-laws house before going to work. My wife had a doctor's appointment at 9 and she doesn't have a car so bringing the baby using public transportation or even walking would be hard. I packed everything up, ironed my clothes, and got both the dog and my son there by 7 A.M. I then proceeded to head to work. I usually get there earlier than almost everyone. Classes start at 8:30 and the hour or so I have in the morning helps me wake up, get anything ready for printing, etc. Luckily, on Wednesdays, I only teach 1 class and it's first period. After this class, I spent a bit of time reading my new book, "The Complete Apocrypha," which is simply all the writings that didn't make it into the bible via Constantine. Admittedly, the book was extremely hard to put down, but I'll put my reflections in another post entitled: Religious Studies.

I then had to contact the postal providers who were shipping my son's birthday gift from Amazon because it's been stuck in customs for a week. After a significant number of attempted phone calls, I eventually got through to the right people. They basically said that it stuck in customs until I can provide proof of purchase. I maintained a positive attitude when speaking, but felt this was ridiculous. It was there for a week, and likely would have remained there indefinitely had I not called. You would think that after 24 hours of sitting there someone might have thought, "hey, let's email the owner of the product and ask for proof of purchase." Either way, I was a bit peeved. Next phone call was to another branch of the same school system I'm working in. I was informed last week that my son was accepted into their Nursery program starting in September, but the paperwork and questionnaire would come this week. It's Wednesday now and I haven't received anything yet. After a couple of phone calls with no response, one of the employees there happened to show up at our office today and I asked her. She said the principal was out sick and wasn't due to return until Monday. So I will have to wait on that one.

At around 1, I had to slip out for an extended lunch break to pick up my wife and son and take them to the lawyer who is dealing with our apartment rental issue. To make a long story short, the lawyer told us to simply do nothing, but to start looking for another apartment. Now I'm back at work, have a bit of time to write and will be heading off to a teacher's meeting in about half an hour. Last week, the meeting was cancelled, so I'm guessing this one will likely take until 6 PM. Wish me luck and look out for my upcoming post about my religious studies.... you'll find out about some of the hidden messages in the Bible and an interesting date I found in other parts.

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