Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-05-21 20:58:31 (UTC)

What’s My Strength?

I’m constantly hurting the chihuahua, his name is potato.... and he just yelps every fucking time I touch him. I think he recognizes that people come to his rescue when we whines and yelps.... but mom and dad always say to be careful... look I know my dog Zuka is a big dog so he can handle more but I go more rough on my sisters cat without growls while poking potato in the hip causes his to have a fucking seizure for 2 seconds.... I really hate chihuahuas, I want to chuck him out side into the road and hope he gets ran over, the fucking rodent deserves it with this sort of attitude....

or perhaps I have no perception of strength and I have no idea how strong I really am, and I have no idea how harsh I’m petting him....
I know that’s how I am with pain, I’ll step on legos and slam a toe into an steel door and barely shrug while the smallest cramp makes me want to die