Do Not Disturb

2019-05-22 02:34:22 (UTC)

Try Again

9:06 PM ( because it was 9:06 when I wrote this not 9:34 )

I tried calling him 7 times today but it still said the same thing that he was in another call. Called him the 8th time that he wasn’t in another call still no answer. But if I ask he would get mad but he shouldn’t get mad if, I asked him who he’s in another call with then that makes me think he’s hiding something. He’ll usually tell me when he’s in another call. Haven’t heard from him since he got off work that’s 4 hours from then. Maybe he seen me call but didn’t wanna answer. Maybe he’s mad at me and is trying so hard not to cuss me out. But...

Why would he be mad for???

He shouldn’t be hiding something. He’s with me.

I need to distract myself.

9:37 PM

I took a bath.

I cried.

Mostly cried.

Do I feel better ?

A little bit.

Not so much.

I have this same chorus for the same song that has been stuck in my head for days that I’m supposedly writing and yet I’ve only come up with the first verse.


Songwriting is harder than I thought.

I need a breather.

- A

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