don't let me down
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2019-05-22 00:01:34 (UTC)

i wanna disappear

i feel like the worst person in the damn world i'm a bad friend i feel so worthless and no one knows me but i'm the worst i make so many mistakes even tho people tell me that im not today i lowley wanted to die i got mad at my friend bcz she stareded to cut again and i was thinking in what i was going to do bcz everything i tell her comes out from that other side and man she got so mad for me not talking to her and i just wanna tell her that i did not talked to her cuz i did not know what to say and just that h=she got my own friends to stop talking to be like fr they are fake as hell and my bf made me feel better about me and told me to not listen to them and gave a hug and just that man she tried to bring me down but it hurts me to see her like that and we shared loker and she throw my stuff and i was like wow so when she get mad at me i don't do that well that was all today i just want to disappear im not worth nothing i'm just a old thing u can just throw anywhere you want and im not a good person i know i made mistakes in the past but why me?????????