don't let me down
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2019-05-21 01:14:48 (UTC)

damn in my feeling

so yesterday i got asked out and man i wish i was with him today and i know that people that i know don't know i be here saying how i feel and well no one knows me and i just told him i have a lot of feeling and that my ex is not him bcz he likes to hang out with me and my sister and little brother that's the good part and well what can i say today we went to school and gave me his sweatshirt and oml is smelled like his colon and i wanted to change it so i put my colon and he said if i did and he was like ohh well and i walked him to his buss and then the best part he grabbed me bofor i left and hugged me i was like baby ur mine and my ex was so mad at me and him and my man was going to talk to him and now i don't even know what will happen tmr well that was today i just hope u guys had a amazing day i try to write tmr