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2019-05-20 05:33:24 (UTC)

Start of another week

My life changed 2 weeks ago. I started this challenging job and started a relationship (well I think it is but just not quite clear exactly what kind it is) with Linda. Its been a whirlwind 2 weeks. I am enjoying my job even though challenging but it is an opportunity for me to step up to the next level. My line manager is off on holiday after today for 2 weeks and I am suppose to carry on her work especially the workshop she runs for stake holders. If I am honest I have a bit of fanfod (nervousness) but I will prepare well and I am sure I will be fine. I plan to do all the work necessary so that when she gets back in 2 weeks she will be very proud of me.

Its like I have been waiting for Linda for the past 2 years. Nobody is perfect, she is not, but I see a lot that I admire in her. I need to untangle myself from the casual liaisons of the past 2 years and concentrate on my work and Linda. Life is full of phases and I can just feel I am entering a new phase so it is important that I understand the features and characteristics of this new phase and what is expected of me to succeed in this new phase.