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me and my life
2019-05-18 19:56:26 (UTC)

Some memior

I don't know ow how long will this diary remian with me if it's lasts long here is a sweet memories I want to write down.
It's Saturday night 128am to be precise I mean almost a Sunday and I'm awake. Sleeping on the mattress picked from my bed in living room because summers are hot and cannot sleep without AC, and in my house only living room has AC. I do crib on this but this is not going to last long. Here I make a small space matress, my two pillows. One under head and another one I make it stand to block God's orange bulb light to fall on my eyes, then 2 loads one to hug n sleep and another one just for the sake. Also I keep a water bottle near and of course my phone. In the morning when my alarm goes off I pick the matress, fold my and mom's blanket and keep all items in bedroom again and this will go one till it rains. But the space is cozy also my mom sleeps near me but on bed. I do crib but will miss this. Now dogs barking, my fan is making a negligible sound and sometimes my parents also snore. all will b remembered hehe. After few months I'll be at new place thinking abt this time and smiling on self. Good night may God bless all.