Do Not Disturb

2019-05-18 11:40:06 (UTC)

Family picture rescheduled

So, the only reason why I’m even up this early was because to see my dad that’s the only reason why I took off these two days and we were suppose to take family pictures but seems like plans have changed. And now I have to wait. The fact that I was actually looking forward to seeing him since I’ve been working my ass off lately.

He told me how his girlfriend Ms. F had to be somewhere at 11-3 but the fact that we could’ve been their already even if it wasn’t for pictures.


And I doubt I can see my boyfriend today. Possibly tomorrow. Idk. Now I have to try and go back to sleep. I hope I can go back to sleep.

We’re still trying to see something but if we can’t go. We can’t go.😕


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