Experienced Life
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2019-05-18 01:36:28 (UTC)

Weekend finally is here

Had to take my truck in for regular maintenance. Good thing it's free for 2 years :) Work was busy and I completed a lot of crap :) Went to a different gym and I rocked it!! We had to do two laps around the building and it's a small building because we had to run twice around it. I came in first. Those peeps at this gym is not like the superstars at my regular gym but they were very nice to me and I befriended a bunch of them.

Got home, had dinner. Watched Game of Thrones again. Must've been the 5th time already. haha. I just love that series. One final show before it's all over. Just like Breaking Bad. Loved that series too. GOT and Walking dead are the only two series I watch religiously. What will I watch now?

Overall, I'm in a good mood. Life lesson stuff is being absorbed. I heard something that was very interesting and helpful but I'm too tired to talk about it for now. I'll post about it later. Hoping to wake up early tomorrow so I can hit the gym.