I do this to myself. I think...
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2019-05-18 02:01:12 (UTC)

Happy almost Birthday

It's almost his birthday. Tomorrow. I was too excited to wait to give him his gifts tomorrow...So I gave them to him this evening when he got home from work. Of course he loved them.
While out today picking up the last few things to put his gift bag together, I grabbed him some male enhancement pills. I'm hoping that tonight we will finally have sex again. It's been days. And I need some release. He asked me to pick up the male enhancement pills to hopefully spice things up a bit and not have them end too quickly. It'll be interesting to see how well they work. If he did actually take them. I even went so far as to use a credit from Audible to get an erotic book. Something we can listen to together and maybe work us up and enjoy ourselves. Especially since the baby went to bed early tonight.
Today was much more laid back than the rest of the week. Although, I didn't get to sleep in as I had hoped. I had to bring my brother to court this morning. We were there for 4 hours. Neither of us had anticipated that it would have taken that long. The outcome...He has 2 felonies. And 2 years probation. He is to have no contact with the mother of his children. Which is for the best since this is all her fault. I hate her. I hate her for ruining his life. I hate her for being her. Yes, I'm away that "hate" is a very strong word. But... I. Hate. Her. She doesn't take care of my nephews. She can't even take care of herself. But it's not fair she can't take care of the boys. It's not their fault they're there. They didn't ask to be born. I hate her.
I'm too tired to write more. Nothing exciting happened after that. I went and had a drug test for a job I'm hopefully getting later this summer. And then I did a bit of shopping for my boyfriend. And then I came back to his apartment to clean up a bit for him before he got home. We got the baby to bed early tonight so we could just relax. And relax we did. We looked up laptops for me. We talked a bit. Not about anything important, but it was nice.
He's in the shower now as I'm doing this. I'm waiting for him to come to bed. My pillow is calling me. I don't know if I'm even up for any adult play time tonight. We will see. Maybe it'll help us sleep better if we do. who knows. Here's to hoping.
Goodnight Diary World. Until sometime tomorrow...