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2019-05-17 08:59:07 (UTC)

Busy at work

Wow! This week went by so quickly. Work was very busy. Next thing I know, boom!! It's Friday baby. Taking my truck in for normal checkup :) So I get to kick back at the dealer's waiting area.It's massive. TV, restaurant, shit to buy, and all that stuff. Yup, it's a pleasure going over there.

My gym is closed in the afternoons on Fridays this month so I'll venture out to the other gym. The one with A/C. Those guys don't know how good they have it over there. Or, I could go with my peeps to a City called Auburn and watch the local motorcycle races there. Kinda fun. They ride on a dirt track and the last time I was there, there are a lot of eye candy to be seen.

Saturday, I may get the cool electrical accessories added on to my truck and a haircut. Sunday? TBD :)