Do Not Disturb

2019-05-16 15:11:48 (UTC)

I Never Knew

I Never Knew being sensitive was a bad thing.

Why don’t guys ever like it when you tell them how you feel but they’ll tell you how they feel because they feel like you’re making such a big deal out of nothing when it’s indeed a big deal and especially when you’re in a relationship?

Communication is key.

What ever happened to that in a relationship?

This diary is the only closest thing I can talk to about my feelings with. No one else knows. Except for the people that’s following me on here. Other than that no one knows. Not even my own mother. It keeps all my secrets because that’s what diaries do keeps secrets.

I honestly don’t know what’s been up with me lately. I wanna tell people how I feel. But I’m scared that they wouldn’t care as much as this diary does.

Every time I talk to my boyfriend about my feelings I feel like it’s gonna push him away. He’s tired of hearing the same old shit.

So from now on I just won’t tell anybody how I feel not even my own mother instead I will hide it inside like I should’ve been doing a long time ago or write it. Writing sounds better and since it’s the only thing keeping me from having a meltdown. Here...In my room.

Let me clean my room so I won’t have to hear my mother’s mouth again ( which is not even that dirty all I have to do is fold my clothes up and put it in the dresser and take some stuff off the floor ).

- A

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