from my heart
2019-05-08 11:49:58 (UTC)

old draft i found

7:50 am
what is life what is life what is life? im not sure but its kinda confusing and theres a lot of things in my life that seems broken. i also keep having dreams about daniel idk why. like wtffff. also i pulled out so much hair that like i literally look like an ogre. i look stupid as fuck and dumb as fuck and broke as fuck. i miss jin.

im doing a digital storytelling and i missed my physics exam yesterday. i dont even know how to talk to someone about this. like where do i begin. you know when you have so many problems in life to the point you dont even know what went wrong and where things went wrong. i feel like reality is a dream that i cannot face. i dont really know what to do.

my fingernails are like stuck with dirt and stuff. i literally dont even brush my teeth sometimes. i dk wtf hygeine is. ik im disgusting but idk how to even do simple things anymore. its weird like

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