don't let me down
2019-05-15 23:40:39 (UTC)

dont know how to feel

so i found out that my bf likes another girl named ari and now i'm just fucked up of my mind i don't know to feel now i just wanna hurt him how he hurt me with his jolse and madness and ughhh i just hate that and this weekend i found someone special and man cheated feeling again for that person and wow he is amazing i cried in his arms and he hugged me a gave me a kiss in the cheak and the feeling in my head and he so nice to my fam and other and that a person that i like and he wants to get my bf joelse and were going to date and we have to wait for me to go to school well i'm going back this monday and i just cant wait bcz i wanna see him and just break his heart how he did liking so many girls and not telling me that fucked up like man fuck that but now what and i never cheated on someone for respect but man this is so hard to keep it in and so we hold hands and took a pic and we were taking videos of use and wow just can't wait to break up with him yo go with my boy well that all for today