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2019-05-15 06:42:43 (UTC)

The Ego killer

You know or at least people that have things on their mind that is bugging them have two prime time hours of when it happens. This is from experience and from what I read. It's usually first thing in the morning or late at night laying in bed. This is normally the time you have some time to reflect and the day hasn't started yet or is at the end of the day and you have time to think about things. Usually, not the good stuff. Memories, regrets, going to be by yourself, etc, etc.

Well, I also know for a fact that going to the gym helps. It helps a lot because when you wake up in the morning, you usually get up to get coffee or to go to the bathroom. Well, you muscles have worked out the day before and that's when you feel the muscle ache. It's rebuilding getting bigger and stronger. So when you squat on that toilet seat, you don't realize that your quads have worked up but sitting will remind you that it did with that sore muscles. Sometimes just raising your arm to stretch tells you once again you shoulder, arms, etc, etc had a good workout and it too is telling you "hello". lol. Sometimes just taking off your shirt can hurt. When you work out your core, just getting up from bed to sit up hurts. All this stuff and many more like it makes my morning good. You know your body is rebuilding and the pain for sure isn't going to make you wonder off into any depressing thoughts :)

Right now, my shoulder muscle hurts from what we did last Monday still. We were doing Arnold press ups. I can see that my deltoids were looking somewhat tight and toned this past couple of days and it was hurting like heck. Today, my hamstrings are hurting from what we did yesterday. Yesterday sure was a tough one. We did various types of push up which is worse than normal pushups. I have weak arms as it is so this was even more brutal for me. After gym class yesterday, I did not do my usual extra 1/2 hr of jump rope. I was just too tired. I did go early though and did my 1/2 hr jump rope before class.

I hope today is a good day. I'd sure like to lay down tonight before bed and smile that is was a good productive day. At least I'll get to go to the gym. Always something to look forward to after work.