Experienced Life
2019-05-13 19:09:26 (UTC)

got some gym time in

So today my first day back in gym since Sat. I got there 45 min before and stayed 30 min later. Most of it was jumping rope. Getting very good at it now. :) Finally felt some strength in me again. Breezed thru our one hr class and really cranked it up on the jump rope.

I accidentally walked pass what I believe it the parking garage my ex gf parks at. The court is near where she works so it's sort of familiar area when I was with her. So I simply turned my head the other way. Also, FB posted something indicating a memory with my ex gf. I love those. I don't have to see and I just simply remove that notice. Case closed on that.

I have a big project first day back to work tomorrow. I'm weak at it so I know I'll suck and take longer than normal to do this but I have help so I'm worried for nothing I'm sure. I just hate failing at work and needing to depend on someone to assist.

That gym lady Sarah hasn't been showing up to the same classes I've been attending. I guess that's a sign that she isn't interested. That's fine. I won't proceed to be needy and keep trying. If she likes me, she knows where to find me. There is another lady that I asked out once but it's with my wine tasting/ hiking peeps. She never responded to a dinner date so I again left it at that. Now, after I left her alone, she is sending me messages on Facebook. Silly silly games we play sometimes. Sigh... Not in the mood for that. So... I don't think she qualifies as a possible gf so I won't chase after her. There are better more mature women than that. I just can't find one at the moment. haha.

I just got home too. Not feeling like waiting for my friends at Buffalo Wild Wings. They were supposed to be there between 7-7:30. I was there and they weren't yet. I told them I was too exhausted so I'll take a rain check instead. Wasn't wanting any chicken wings anyway. I just wanted to hang out with them more than anything else. Can't drink since I"'m driving and didn't want any bad Karma coming my way after we just convicted this poor shmuck today.

So I'll wait for my roomie to go to her bedroom. Not feeling like chatting with a drunken angry person right now. She may not be but she isn't a happy drunk. I'm sure by now she's plastered.

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