Do Not Disturb

2019-05-13 04:28:20 (UTC)

This Close

I was this close to quitting my job today and all because I couldn’t get stuff right and people was telling me that I was doing this wrong and doing that wrong. They had me on the register ( which they shouldn’t have ) I did pretty good so far with the money and all except I messed up a couple orders or three and then I gave the food out to the wrong car again when it was a black truck instead and not the red.

You know the guy Dal right well I can’t stand to be around him or even work the same night shift as him. He’s so... Bossy ???
Even though he is a manager to me he sucks at being one. Everyone always says how cool he is and that he acts that way with everyone. I mean don’t give me wrong at first I liked the guy he seemed cool at first but then as I gotten to know him a bit more but only because he’s one of the managers because we have 4 managers working on different shift ( mostly night shift). So far, the only manager I seemed to like is and only Ms. Dot the other ones can just suck my ass ( not fr thou).

How does someone tell me that I was about to leave early but then goes and says I’m leaving at 11 ( which is the normal time that I get off on the weekends) ????

So I had my mom come and get me for nothing. She had to wait at lease 2 hours and since it was already nine and she had also just gotten out of bed for nothing because I had a hissy fit at work and almost had another breakdown and had to go to the damn bathroom to calm down before it really gets down up in that bitch and I’m not your usual to get mad I just cry it out or..... Write it out ???

And so I had one of the men “ bosses” big belly, barely has hair, no teeth, but nice guy. I had a talk with him about the situation and what was going on and why I was planning on quitting but tbh he kind of made it better for me because if, it wasn’t for him I would’ve quited a long time ago and I would’ve said,” Fuck this job!”

In other news, still haven’t found our dog...well other dog. The one named Prince. We believe he has been stolen and every time I mention it to my mother about finding him she doesn’t wanna talk about it because it makes her sad but because he’s stolen and is god who knows where but I pray that he’s safe and is in good hands.

As of tomorrow we are putting up posters and to even check the human shelter but he wasn’t their 😔 also I was to distracted looking at other dogs especially this one dog I like named Moose ( he’s a boy)!seemed like a happy dog wish I can take him home. Hell, wish I can take them all. And their were also cats. I mean I don’t hate cats or anything I’m just a dog person I’ve had a dog as a pet all my life after I stopped being afraid of them.

And what sucks is that my boyfriend called me as soon as I got off work but the signal had failed while we were gonna be on FaceTime to fall asleep. I tried calling him but he never picked up but only because he was sleep and he never called me that many times before. At least 15 times it said.

But while I was at the human shelter I applied their I also volunteered their just for fun then maybe I could work their if it gets to serious. You may not call scooping up poop, walking dogs, bathing dogs fun but I do because I just love dogs that way.

The only thing that I’m looking forward to doing is being off tomorrow and doing nothing but sleep,sleep,sleep and maybe even seeing my boyfriend if, that’s by any chance happening. Maybe he can come over here instead of me going over to his place. I would love it even more if, I went to his place we wouldn’t do as much but watch tv and cuddle ( which is nice and possibly even have sex if we can without getting caught lol ).

Okay, this is about all I have for now. Possibly one of the longest entries ever as I type this and in the bathtub. No worries.... I didn’t drop my phone ( correction new phone * knocks on wood *). Don’t wanna jinxs it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And yes I know I’m sensitive. Haven’t you read my warning.

P.S. It’s also funny how I can only come up with a good title when something good or bad happens in my life. Mostly bad.

- A