Experienced Life
2019-05-12 19:40:38 (UTC)

Great day for hiking

I went hiking with my peeps today. About a dozen of us I think. It was fantastic!!! I needed it. Felt so good to be out in nature and seeing how awesome life can be if you only look beyond your mind. The landscape was unreal. Hiking is good exercise anyway so that too was good.
Got to chat with old friends so that's always soothing for the mind.
Here is a pic of another lake we didn't hike but went to after our hike. Still frozen so it looks so cool.

This is the falls we hike to. Bassi Falls. Lots of snow so the river is crazy wild. Couldn't swim in it like we normally would during the summer.

This is the river along the way to the falls.

Life sure appears and seems so different to me after a hike like this. I feel pretty good right now. Ok, I'm home now. Took a shower. Got my wine ready to drink. I have Game of Thrones recorded. My roomie is finally done watching my TV. Time for me to watch my series. Love that show. I even put some decals on my Truck with GOT stuff.

Ok diary. Till next time :)

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