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2019-05-12 17:56:31 (UTC)

Random Assortment - April 2019

In Circles (Remastered) by Sunny Day Real Estate (reminds me of The Devil and God, even though I know they predate Brand New)
Nevermine by Forth Wanderers
Elvis is in the Freezer by Ratboys
Gold and Green by Slaughter Beach, Dog
Mostly Here by Great Grandpa
Leading Me Back to You by All Dogs
Masterpiece (solo acoustic) by Big Thief
Капитан Колесников by Юрий Шевчук
Движение by Наадя
Просто о Сложном by Наадя
Облака by Наадя
Облака (Саша Елина remix) by Наадя (I like the emphasized accordion-type sounding instrument in this song)
Paws (Audiotree version) by Forth Wanderers
Crockpot by Slothrust (really good good lyrics imo—tells a great story. Highlight: "some men purchase real dolls/ to fill the void./ She don't finish dinner and her expression never changes/ Don't shake hands with the lonely kids 'cause I hear that shit's contagious." Probably gonna listen to more Slothrust before the end of May. This whole song is great.)
Percolator by Charly Bliss
Time by Angelo de Augustine
The Bug Collector by Haley Heynderickx (I LOVE THIS I LOVE IT, it is so beautiful)
2 Cool 2 Care by Anna Burch (I kinda hate this song but I couldn't get it out of my head)
Oom Sha La La by Haley Heynderickx (amazing)
Fish Fry by Slaughter Beach, Dog (one of my favorites by them—never fails to make me sad-happy)
Petal by Hovvdy
A Lot of Things by Bonny Doon
Spaceman by Horse Jumper of Love
Untitled God Song by Haley Heynderickx
Scott Street by Phoebe Bridgers (I generally dislike Phoebe Bridgers, but I have always *loved* this song)
Big Train by Pllush
Ugly Brunette by Horse Jumper of Love (this has to be a new favorite song. It's fuckin' amazing. Highlight: "Funeral expense commercial/ Kids cutting birthday cake/ I am the jealous one/ I remember that shirt I got a/ bunch of bleach on it/I liked it that way too" Tbh that's about half of the song and I am resisting adding the rest of the lyrics as well. Nothing I relate more to than "I am an ugly brunette, I want to have a lonely child")
Favorite Show by Great Grandpa
Worms by Pile (this song is exactly what it sounds like—a writhing pile of worms. I respect this band very much)
Steve's Mouth by Pile
Fingers by Pile
Sleepwalker by Julie Byrne (I think I first found Julie Byrne through her Tiny Desk concert back in the beginning of last semester, and I remember playing her music and falling asleep on top of the covers in the early afternoon. It was so lovely and I just have such nice memories associated with this song)
Bison on the Plains by Grandaddy
Lawn & So On by Grandaddy (my favorite part about this song is the 5 or so minutes of straight-up nighttime lawn sounds).
Everything Beautiful is Far Away by Grandaddy (another song that I think of more as a short story than, you know... a song. It is so effective as concisely communicating a weirdly relatable desolation, considering I've never been abandoned on a grayish planet for an extended period of time)
Возможно by Мы
Тело by LSP
Gentle Spike Resort by Grandaddy
Egg Hit and Jack Too by Grandaddy
This is How it Always Starts by Grandaddy
Underneath the Weeping Willow by Grandaddy
Good as Hell by Lizzo
Juice by Lizzo
Heaven Help Me by Lizzo
#23 by IAN SWEET
Painter in Your Pocket by Destroyer

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