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2019-05-12 06:47:07 (UTC)

A new day

Well, it' a new day and it'll become what I make of it. Good or bad, it's all on me. Last night, I finally went to my friend's housewarming thing. Pretty good home but in a not so good location. But for that, it gets them a home that's about 100K below what it would cost elsewhere.

Today, I can go hiking with some friends if I want. Hiking isn't my forte but it's exercise and it's with friends so maybe I'll go. That'll mean I'll miss morning church. It's also an hr drive but it's with friends so that a plus and it's only 4 miles round trip so it'll be easy. Still not sure if I"m going so I will have my customary coffee in bed while I sit up and post on my diary.

So for gym, I made it 11 times in two weeks. Not bad :) Every time I wake in those morning where my muscles ache, I know it's getting more toned, more muscle, less fat. I can't see it because it's a slow process but it happens. I do have a old pic of me trying on an old belt though. Here it is.

I'm still debating hike or get my truck washed and I'll wax it. In-between, I can jump rope. I need it because all this week, I went overboard on carbs. If I do go hiking, I'll need to leave in an hr and get my food prepped before then.