2019-05-10 01:59:04 (UTC)


I did it.
I graduated yesterday.
I type this at 2am like it's no big deal, but that's a large chunk of time to have gone by so quickly.
It felt like the days were forever there.
Now I'm back here. Typing on a computer back in the attic. Relaxed, high as fuck, surrounded by family.
I'm not sure if it's meant to be like this. But if it is, I wouldn't have resented it as much growing up.

The margaritas earlier today were amazing. It's too bad I vomited them out.
However, they felt so nice going back out. The ice cold puree just slid right out my throat.
One of my more pleasant vomiting experiences.
But for the past two days since I've gotten antibiotics, my stomach grumbles and turns at every molecule that enters its vicinity.
It's getting quickly annoying. I can't do anything about it until my body decides to woman up.
But I definitely wanna go back for that margarita. Next time I go to B-Dubs I'm definitely getting that again. FUCK ME UP.

Something feels so liberated inside me. There's no deadlines. No stress. I can study the NCLEX questions at my own pace. I can't let my brain rust yet. And maybe that's the motivation that drives all nurses to be great. Maybe when they aren't burnt out, they're actually contributing fundamental interventions. Like how I forced my stomach to tolerate several boneless spicy wings from B-Dubs with a glass of milk. Interventions are always great.

I'm joking because it hasn't hit me yet. But when I woke up in bed this morning, I was mildly disoriented to say the least. Being in Springfield for so long has definitely fucked up my sleep schedule and body rhythms in unimaginable ways. But today, I got to spend quality time with my brothers, smoke, and play video games. Is that not the peak of life? One of the very few times I will do nothing and get to enjoy it? Yeah, fuck me up. I'm the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe bitch.