Do Not Disturb

2019-05-09 19:01:11 (UTC)

Good Day Gone Bad

What turned out to be a good day yesterday turned out to be a bad one instead.

JT barely said a word to me for various reasons he won’t tell no matter how many times I begged him too.

And so I spazed out on him ( which made it even worse on my part ) and now we’re on no speaking terms at least not until today. Hopefully.

I tried to see if I could work today so I can get the Saturday off but she “didn’t need me”. Her words. But other days she would want me to come in and give me extra hours. But that was only a one time thing.

Why can’t she see that I’m trying to get more hours ???

I can’t even spend time with my mother on Mother’s Day like I wanted to because work has gotten in the way of that. And me finding another job isn’t looking so easy. I’ve been applying but no call backs. No nothing. The job I’m at sucks. I’m just trying to hurry and get out of this hell whole. She done already fucked up my schedule enough.

- A

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