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2019-05-08 07:34:22 (UTC)

No Doubts

Yesterday was a good day, I mean, I saw my ex again on the way to the bus stop but that's whatever now. Despite everything we had together and all the years we spent together, it makes me sad to say but, she's just a stranger now. I'm sure she is doing great though and that's the most important thing. In college, I received a mock paper back and it was marked 'A', which I was really pleased with. Maybe not surprised but glad to see it. My English lecturer (the one I have a crush on) is pretty much our full time lecturer now, we're almost finished. We have exams on the 4th and the 7th of June and then it's over, which scares me. It's gone so fast. Our class has diminished in numbers so much that she was able to have a 1 on 1 session with everybody yesterday. This next part may sound a little creepy, haha. I'd never actually been sat down to her or been very close to her, I could admire her beauty even more. She has really good skin, great eyes, I love her lips. It was really difficult to listen to what she was saying to me, even though it was all praise. She told me she had 'no doubts' that I was going to pass and should get an A. It made me really happy to hear that.

I feel that English comes quite easy for me, but it's always nice to feel rebuffed and that you are actually excelling in something. I don't remember times where people have told me that I'm actually good at something, where it matters. Video games don't count. She tasked us all to write a narrative or descriptive piece, either titled 'The Sleepless Night' or just 'write about a time you were exhausted', I decided to mix the two, which she enjoyed. It was about 350 words, which is around the minimum I think. I think you have to write 350-550 but as long as the content is there and you are using metaphors, similies, grammar, all that jazz correctly, it doesn't matter too much. You wouldn't get marked down for it if you meet all of the criteria. I would rather make a clear understanding than chat shit for 550 words or so, you know? Anyway, she loved it and couldn't criticise anything. If she wanted to be mean, she could have criticised my handwriting, because it's horrendous! I think I'll try and keep in touch with her, if that doesn't feel too weird. I feel that I would definitely e-mail her when I get my results to thank her for the part she has played in it. We get on pretty well, we speak about Game of Thrones quite regularly. She is a fellow geek. She has helped me a lot. Whilst English does come quite naturally for me, she has definitely made planning and tackling things or structuring things a little easier for me.

I got home from college and immediately went to bed. I woke up a few times throughout the night but finally surfaced about 6:30am this morning. It's 7:41am as I write this, so I guess we can say my body clock is somewhat fixed? Luckily I'm all ready to leave the house, as I have to catch my bus in about 20 minutes. I'll get graded on my 'Explain why smoking causes cancer' 2000 word essay today. I'm kinda nervous as to what he's going to say but I'll pass, for sure. I think it's impossible to fail anything right now whilst it's all 'Level 2'. I think as long as they see you have had a good crack at the work and an understanding, you'll make it. This is graded as pass, merit or distinction though, which is the first time we're having something like that. It would be cool to achieve anything better than a 'pass' but I can't say I'm that bothered, I just wanna get through it. I'm gonna get there a little early today so I can finish some of my lit reviews before I hand everything in, then maybe I'll have time to get through a chapter of Game of Thrones. It's only a short day today, I finish at 12:30pm.

When I get back, I'll likely tidy my room as it looks like a bombsite at the minute. If I was a Sim, my 'room' or 'environment' mood bar would be fire red. So I'll do that and then I might play some video games for a bit, or maybe I'll be sensible and start my social science presentation that has to be in for next Tuesday. It's probably going to be the former though, right?


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