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2019-05-07 19:28:10 (UTC)

Jury duty

Somehow, I got selected for jury duty. Sigh... I'm more than willing to do my service as a citizen. But work is busy and it cramps my style at the gym. I end up having to go to a later session and I'm not as close to those peeps at my regular peeps. I still knew enough of the other peeps so it was ok.

Yesterday, my drunk ass roomie fell down on the front porch/door. I heard a thump and I checked to see what's up. She came home from the pizza place drunk as a skunk. I greeted her saying welcome home and left the door open for her. Sorry about the tough love but if you drink so much that you can't get up anymore, you on your own. So I let her lay on the front porch and she didn't get up for about 5 minutes before she made in inside and back into her room.

Today, I asked how she was and she said she was fine. I asked if she was hurt from yesterday's fall and she either don't remember what happened or she's playing it like it didn't happen. I asked if she remembered and she said it was a long time ago when it happened. I told her it happened yesterday. haha. I let it go at that. She seemed not to have any lingering scratches or pain so I just let it go.

Tonight, she's still awake. She's usually asleep by now. It's 8:30PM already. haha. She keeps asking me if I had fun today. Repeatedly!!!!! So far she asked me the same question 6 fucking times. I told her earlier that I had to pick up my prescriptions and she replied saying, ok, have fun. Told her I had jury duty today and she said the same thing. I should buy a parrot so that can both say the same phrase every hour to each other.

Hoping she tires soon so I can watch TV in peace. Thank goodness I made time to go to gym class today. That was my sanity saving even I had for today.